10 of the Best Donut Recipes

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I have a real fondness for donuts. I love how the doughy, yeasty cake gives way to the ooey gooey toppings. Sorry, I am not a plain donut type girl. It at least has to have a glaze on it. There is something so special about sitting down with a great cup of coffee and a donut. It is almost like having dessert for breakfast. Most people have the misconception that making donuts at home can be hard. That is simply not true! There are so many different recipes now that do not require yeast, raising, or other difficult ingredients to make a special donut at home. With a little ingenuity you can treat your family to homemade donuts that literally blow Dunkin’ Donuts out of the water!

I have found that making great donuts at home requires a few staple tools. I can’t swear making donuts is easy if I don’t let you in on some of the tools you can use to make them. Most of them are inexpensive which is great for your wallet! Here are some items that are in my own kitchen.


This is an essintial tool for getting the middle cut out of the donut. You can use a round cookie cutter for sure but this gives you the precision you need and even cuts the center hole out giving you the perfect donut shape. Don’t throw the holes out because you can make another recipe using those!

41KG6T9RBCL._SX450_ This pan is perfect for cake donuts. Just fill the cups, bake, icing, and BAM! you have amazing donuts at half the price!
81-sRPKp9-L._SL1500_  I actually received this for Christmas and I admit I was skeptical. Anyone ever try the cake pop one? I did and it was a huge mess! But this actually worked really well and I was able to make little donuts for a bake sale. They were a huge hit!

donutbook  This is in the kitchen but it actually belongs to Nana Helen. However it is one of the best donut cookbooks I have found. It has beautiful pictures and most of the recipes are really easy.

Of course you can’t have donuts without a great cup of coffee. Well I guess you could but it wouldn’t be as much fun. Might I suggest Donut Shop K-cups? This is one of my favorite coffees for the Keurig!

I can’t give you the tools without the recipes! Here are 10 of my favorite donut recipes around the net. I really took a long time choosing because I wanted to give you easy yet fabulous recipes!  Enjoy!








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